(Free Press Release) Do you need FEA Consulting services through expert FEA engineers?

FEA Outsourcing is a leading FEA engineering service provider company in India. We specialize in providing quality and cost effective static fea analysis, thermal fea analysis, fatigue analysis, linear and non linear fea analysis, CFD analysis, fea modeling services in FEA engineering industries.

We have qualified FEA engineers team that have many years experienced in FEA engineering industries. We provide FEA analysis services to prevent failure of a mechanical product or components under repeatedly applied loads.

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Our FEA Consulting Engineering Services include:

• Linear & Non-linear Analysis
• Static & Dynamic Analysis
• Thermal Analysis
• FEM Modeling
• Vibration Analysis
• CFD Analysis
• Pipeline Analysis
• Seismic Analysis
• Stress Analysis
• Crash Analysis
• Fatigue Analysis
• Buckling Analysis

Industries we served:

• Aerospace
• Automotive
• Environmental
• Industrial Equipment
• Medical & Biomedical
• Power Generation
• Government
• Defense
• Heat Transfer
• HVAC & Refrigeration

At FEA outsourcing, we use software for finite element engineering analysis including ANSYS, CFX, LS DYNA, iSIGHT, BLADE, STELLA, and IMPRO to solve some of the most complex engineering simulation problems for our customers across the globe.

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