(Free Press Release) Time is money, which is why large, multi-national organizations race to bring their new products to global markets. But many companies fail to keep accompanying product information on pace with the product launch, often it‘s because corporate-level information must be localized to different countries, in different languages, and for different cultures. Being on time with product information and making it available in all channels—all while simultaneously maintaining content quality--can be a major driver for global launch success.

It‘s important to realize that content creation doesn‘t stop at the corporate level and that content localization can create large bottlenecks. In addition to slowing product launches, brand often suffers. When it comes to speeding time-to-market, it pays dividends to engage, educate and persuade customers in their local language. Clear, consistent communication and support will also speed adoption in all channels. At the same time, reaching all channels in all markets simultaneously using the same linguistic terminology is important to maintaining consistent content quality while maintaining or even enhancing brand.

Acrolinx is the world‘s leading provider of content quality software. Their linguistic intelligence authoring software shapes language for SEO, multi-language translation and global searches. Acrolinx IQâ„¢, an information quality management solution, is deployed at many of the best known global brands to ensure the highest content quality as well as searchable, and translatable written content for instruction manuals, web copy brochures and other forms of product information.

About Acrolinx
Acrolinx provides enterprise solutions to ensure highest content quality and communication for organizations of all sizes. Whether it is corporate messaging, outsourced content development, or user-generated information about a company‘s products and services, Acrolinx drives enhanced productivity, enabling companies to communicate with a single, unified voice from every corner of the globe.

Built on a strong linguistic foundation, the sophisticated Acrolinx technology enables users to analyze, measure, and improve content through the use of authoring software and other solutions, resulting in consistent and effective customer communication in every market. Successful companies including Adobe, Cisco, IBM, Philips, and Siemens rely on Acrolinx as their foundation for content communication. For more information please visit http://www.acrolinx.com/