The Free AVI to MKV Converter is now available for easy conversions of AVI files to MKV files. AVI files are most popular formats that usually come in large sized video files. There are certain technical disadvantages of using these file types. However, they can be eliminated when they are converted to other file types such as the MKV or Matroska file types. Matroska is the most recent container format which can solve most problems associated with AVI files. The quality of the files can be improved drastically when AVI files are converted. This converter is an excellent tool that performs an outstanding task of faster and high quality conversions. The tool is very easy to install and convenient to use.

Users do not have to literally sit before the system to convert the files. They can simple select a single file or multiple files for conversion. And click the convert button. The tool automatically converts files without any interference or help. Users can save a lot of time using this tool. Users can also simply drag and drop the files onto the converter window in case the files are random or are scattered. The tool has a very simple interface. Users may wish to save the files in a target location of their choice and can also customize the output files in terms of bit rate, resolution and so on.

About Free AVI to MKV Converter

The Free AVI to MKV Converter converters AVI file formats to MKV file formats. This freeware is very easy to install as well as use. The tool looks smart and simple with many options to choose from to customize the file conversions.

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