Paul O'Mara’s Rapid Tarot provides concise meanings and sample readings, all in one concise electronic book. Paul O'Mara has lived Tarot for over 30 years. Stepping in to the cards to design his own deck and giving readings all around the globe, Paul has created this reference to fast track Tarot reading ability for those who are eager to learn.

Rapid Tarot even has links to additional content on Paul's website that has already had millions of visitors and continues to help 1,000s of visitors every day. Enjoy the Fool's Journey along the Royal Road of Tarot and further develop Tarot skills today with Rapid Tarot.

Readers of Rapid Tarot have been raving about how helpful it is. One customer said, “I love the tarot. My friends and I pull out our cards all the time yet sometimes we get stuck on what one means. I was looking for a book that was easy to [reference] and yet detailed enough that we could extrapolate the correct meaning of the card. Rapid Tarot, is presented in a way that I can quickly search for a card plus its on my Kindle (and on my iPhone Kindle App) so I can take it with me everywhere!”

Another review of Rapid Tarot said, “This book explained it all very helpful! I am a newbie learning on my own this book tells and explains the meanings. Thank you wonderful book!” Currently Mr. O’Mara’s book is all that it has cracked up to be because it has maintained a perfect 5-star rating on Amazon.

Rapid Tarot is available for Kindle, but can also be accessed via iPhone or Android phones via the Kindle mobile app. Learn more about Rapid Tarot here and see what all the hype is about!

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