Orange County, California — Fantasy sports leagues have taken the country by storm. Using fantasy sports websites, fantasy leagues offer every “armchair quarterback” the opportunity to create the ultimate sports team during a season of play. Choosing from a myriad of veterans and rookies, fantasy sports enthusiasts can draft teams to compete for online prizes and recognition.

Capitalizing on this popular hobby, Fantasy Aces has launched its new fantasy sports website, Its new foray into the realm of fantasy sports play is a Major League Baseball themed fantasy sports website . While Fantasy Aces offers the same exciting strategy and play of other fantasy sports sites, this website comes with several differences.

Unlike many fantasy sports outlets, Fantasy Aces offers participants a chance to draft a new fantasy sports team every day. Unrestricted by season or player status, fantasy sports enthusiasts can draft their own ultimate professional sports team. Often, the largest complaint from fantasy sports enthusiasts is that they are restricted to participating on a seasonal basis. This can make it difficult for fantasy sports enthusiasts for a number of reasons. After the fantasy sports lineup is set, a critical player injury could kill a participant’s entire fantasy sports season. Not with Fantasy Aces; fantasy sports enthusiasts can remain flexible and adaptable, changing their lineup daily. Additionally, winnings will no longer be difficult to obtain. Participating seasonally can produce long wait times for fantasy sports payouts. Fantasy Aces solves this problem with daily cash payouts for fantasy sports winnings.

Soon, Fantasy Aces’ fantasy sports website will expand to offer increased functionality to users. Fantasy Aces plans to host versions of all professional sports with daily payouts at the end of each day based upon contest size and entry fees. Soon, Fantasy sports enthusiasts will also be able to scout players from in- depth stats on a “Scout Page.” This will help fantasy sports enthusiasts to organize their choices better prior to drafting their team. All stats will be reported live and in real time.

Most exciting of all, Fantasy Aces offers fantasy sports enthusiasts the freedom to enter multiple fantasy sports contests any day of the week to accommodate even the most hardcore fantasy sports enthusiast. There is no minimum requirement for participation, making this the perfect opportunity for fantasy sports enthusiasts to pick up the hobby any time the desire strikes. Adding to this convenience is the ability to pay contest entry fees through Paypal, ensuring a secure and convenient transaction.

About Fantasy Aces:

Fantasy Aces LLC is a family-owned and operated business offering fantasy sports contests online. Based out of Orange County, California, their unique fantasy sports website plans to feature daily fantasy sports leagues for MLB, NBA, NFL, and NHL.

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