The tight leather pants, which are often worn with a jaunty hat and are complete with braces, traditionally worn by the Bavarians, are now available with Daniel Licht, a manufacturer of German novelty in Pennsylvania.
Pennsylvania, USA – These trousers, which are known as the German Lederhosen, were originally the worn by peasants. Then, they were later worn by riders, hunters, and adopted by the nobility in Bavaria.

Part of the uniqueness of the Lederhosen is the intricacy of the designs on it as well as on the suspenders. Oftentimes, the designs represented the region from which the leather breeches came. In fact, the Tracht or the traditional German clothing was taken quite seriously in some of the villages in Germany. One often owned many pairs of the Lederhosen to wear to different occasions.

The Lederhosen first came into use in the 17th Century, when peasants would wear them to work since they were durable and made of some of the strongest materials. A man named Joseph Vogel, who was not very happy to see that the traditional Bavarian values were declining, helped in reviving these leather breeches. Soon, the leather breeches became popular with the royalty and then with the people of the country. Today, they are regarded as a kind of national uniform in Germany.

Unlike the Dirndls, the German leather breeches have not undergone too many changes. It is becoming increasingly popular nowadays for even women to wear the German Lederhosen costume, which you can now get at Daniel Licht. Women now wear them to the Oktoberfest as well.

“We would like the world to know how much fun it is to go to the Oktoberfest. The German culture is a rich culture and I am just doing my due diligence in continuing this rich heritage,” said a smiling Daniel Licht.

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About the company:
Ernst Licht is a manufacturer of original German Tracht and other accessories that go to complete it such as German hats, the Gamsbart, and the like. They have a fantastic collection of Lederhosen that is constantly updated by them in order to meet the ever increasing demand for the same around the world.
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