USA - Despite the charm character of flat shoes should be far less than the high heels shoe, but there is a fact that cannot be ignored that not every woman has the ability to put on the high heel shoe which heel height is more than ten centimeters. According to the recent news from the blog of famous Christian Louboutin Replica Shoes online seller, the British Daily Mail reported that the British trade union require their employers do not wear the heeled shoes which hell height is more than 4 cm. They think that the high heel shoe means the sex discrimination and it will be very detrimental to health from a long-term perspective.

In this regard, the great designer Christian Louboutin hold moderation attitude. He said: " Comfortable feeling should be the most important factor. I feel that each beauty does not need to suffer painful feeling to get the pretty appearance. A real good pair of shoes should be not only looked good but also cannot make people feel uncomfortable." This designer also adds a hidden front feet bottom at the front of his shoe. Although the height of many of his high heel shoes may reach 18 centimeters, in fact, the help of the hidden front feet bottom let the height only reach about 12 cm . It is indeed that many cheap Christian Louboutin Replica from contain the hidden front bottom.

Christian Louboutin who like the changing style of high heels also said:" I am not a fascist and I will not force people who could not be used to high heel shoes to wear high heels" In fact, several of his sisters do not like to wear high heels. ¡°They always complain about why I will not do some flat shoes." His smile, ¡°They do not like the shoes."

However, the editor from famous Christian Louboutin Replica Sandals online seller also expresses his own opinion. No matter how much criticism from other people to the high heels of the outside world, most of high heels fans will tightly plug their ears and still wear their high heels every day. The reason is probably that the shoes are no longer in the position of accessories and it could be already one part of their life. As long as Christian Louboutin releases their new high heel shoe, these fans will always purchase and wear them out.

For each woman who regards the high heel wearing as daily life attitude, the famous online Christian Louboutin replica seller should be their best choice.


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