In a complicated and stringent world of Daily Fantasy Sports (DFS), Alphastreak and Fanpicks have joined forces to provide a Fantasy first... daily contests where customers, gamers and betters can pick fantasy teams and rosters with players from more than one sport simultaneously.

The special contest-type solves a huge problem for fantasy operators and fantasy aficionados alike, which is a state restriction whereby fantasy contest gamers must select players from more than one sporting league to complete their lineup.  This is not a problem in the regular season, but comes playoff-time for major sports, not two games from the same sport available to be investing in one contest.  For example, championship games or series, as well as all-star games where there are no other games from same sport that is available to offer into a contest. Fantasy site operators had their hands tied and could not provide games that had these large crowd events... until now.

"This is quite a game-changer for Fantasy sports," explains Alphastreak VP of Corporate Sales Charly Mechaly, "If I can go into the first weekend of February and put Cam Newton, LeBron James, and Alex Ovechkin all in one lineup... I'm doing it."

When questioned about gaming products, Mechaly said this: "Cross sport on other sites is just not the same.  You have to play one week of NBA, then one week of NHL, then one week of something else... and a quite a few number of people get cut each week, it's too complex.  Those games, to me, aren't every day and aren't really cross sport."

The Alphastreak / Fanpicks( games will require gamers pick 9 roster spots from 2 or 3 different leagues.  Usually, the games will be played and concluded on the same day.  Rare exemptions may allow the game to extend 2 days.

The introduction of Cross Sport follows the very popular launch of Fantasy Point spread games that happened earlier this month. will debut Cross Sport games for the public for 2016 March Madness.

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