California - FanBox, is an online social experiment that combines the ease and intuitive usability of social networking, with the best features of e-earning and charity. In a sense, it is the harbinger of the next stage of the online social networking experience, where the user/member not only uses a single website for multiple forms of social expression (chatting, blogging, creating content), but is also paid for the content he generates and the time he spends.

The ideal answer to the question, ‘what is FanBox all about’, would be to simply check out . The diversity of user communities, forms of content and viewer/contributor traffic will give the visitor a fair idea of the headway that the site is making, as a social experiment.

Alternately, HERE is an audio/visual introduction into the core idea of FanBox. In simple terms, FanBox is a blogger website where you can make money from the contributions. These can either be blogs, photographs or audio/visual content. In addition to this, FanBox can also be used as an e-commerce site, where you can display the products you wish to sell. The site also allows you to create your own advertising or fund another member’s ads.

Today’s social networking sites are valued at billions. But the millions of users, who are the direct reason for their valuation and profits, do not accrue any financial benefit from them. FanBox, in this sense, truly stands out as a radical social experiment. A major portion of FanBox earnings (close to 99%) are given back to the user/member community. A similar percentage of the profits go to charity. FanBox reviews, provided by the thousands of members, whose numbers are growing each day, are a testament to the success of this endeavour.

FanBox combines the best attributes of social networking sites, blogs and e-commerce websites. In other words, as an online social networking site, it allows members to become part of an ever growing, diverse community of individuals who can interact with each other instantly and through various media. As an e-commerce platform, it allows user/members to showcase the products that they wish to sell, and incentivises the process of accruing FanBox earnings, by allowing them to create their own ads, as well as fund the advertising efforts of other members. And finally, as a blog, it acts as a powerful tool of expression that allows the user/member to not only blog about their favourite topics, but also make money and generate an increasing viewer profile from the same.

About FanBox

FanBox’s mission is ‘Uplifting humanity by enabling opportunity’. It is a hybrid of a social networking site and an e-commerce site combined and allows users to earn from their contributions.

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