21 August, 2014: A healthy dose of sunshine and delicious international cuisine may be the perfect prescription for those individuals who’ve suffered injuries and illnesses. However, some of the leading family travel insurance providers warn that such travellers represent an increased risk and price their policies accordingly. While cost sometimes acts as a deterrent, experts warn against taking foreign holidays without the safeguard of comprehensive cover.

The Importance of Disclosing Existing Medical Conditions

Specialists at top online provider Insuremore warn that the decision to travel without insurance can prove very costly, but so can not disclosing details of an existing condition. The point has been emphasised by an ABI report revealing that the average claim for medical expenses totalled £930 in 2013, while medical bills were far higher for those travellers who required serious medical attention or repatriation.

Many travellers may make the decision to omit specific details about their medical history in a bid to minimise the price of their family travel insurance policy. However, this is an ill-advised tactic, which may lead to a considerable amount of embarrassment and cost. The family travel insurance providers will conduct comprehensive research and may refuse to pay a claim if such omissions are discovered.

Leading insurance experts claim it is quite possible to find reasonably priced cover despite pre-existing medical conditions. Specialist providers such as Insuremore, for example, offer budget-friendly policies to travellers who are not in imminent danger. However, prospective travellers are advised to be completely honest and provide as much information as possible when purchasing their family travel insurance policy.

One major travel insurance provider has gone on record to say that the “man in the street” is typically confused when it comes to the inclusion of medical details. They don’t know whether to provide information about conditions that have been successfully treated or not. However, they run the risk of having their claims rejected so the advice is – if in doubt, confirm with the chosen provider.

Representatives from the top insurance companies say anyone particularly worried about medical insurance issues should carry out comprehensive research by using price comparison websites to find the best deals for those with pre-existing medical conditions.

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