Family First Enterprises, a company that may be new to the scene but one that is definitely turning heads, has just released its newest product. Family First Bamboo Nursing Pads come in single pair packs or four pair packs and have redefined perfection within this niche market.

New mothers go through plenty when they bring their new little one home, including everything from both end of the spectrum. Some moments bring great joy, while others create a good amount of discomfort. Now, with the help of Family First Enterprises and their new product, Bamboo Nursing Pads, new mothers who have chosen to breastfeed can reduce the discomfort associated with this act and move on to making memories.

“We know that new mothers want to maintain a similar lifestyle after they have their baby, as they did beforehand. It’s our goal to help these women, and their partners, to get back to the activities they enjoy,” explains Mandy Duncan of the Family First Enterprises development team. “In cases where the new mother has chosen to breastfeed, this can mean finding a way to handle leakage and the discomfort of potentially chaffed nipples. Our Bamboo Nursing Pads are that way.”

Family First has gone above and beyond, designing a nursing pad that considers everything. Comprised of four layers, a soft bamboo fiber inner layer, a microfiber super absorbent middle layer with an added water resistant barrier and a leak proof outer layer, it provides comfort to the wearer and superior protection against leaks. It does not get soggy and the first customers are already reporting that the company’s claim that it stays in place is the truth.

“My favorite thing about our new Bamboo Nursing Pads is that you can reuse them. Just toss them in the washer and dryer and they are ready to use again,” says Duncan. “They are good for the environment and great for new moms.”

Indeed, the company appears to have thought of everything in the design of their newest product, making it a go-to solution for new moms everywhere.

To celebrate this launch, both the single pair and the four pair pack are available on Amazon.

About Family First Enterprises:
Owned by family, Family First Enterprises is becoming well known for their high quality, family focused products that allow new parents to incorporate a new baby into an active lifestyle. From breastfeeding nursing covers to nursing pads, the company strives to offer new parents options for taking baby with them, rather than isolating themselves at home, giving parents a way to put family first, without sacrificing the things they love to do.

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