With a new product, their Bamboo Nursing Pads, already surging in popularity, Family First Enterprises is offering a special launch discount to new customers. By ordering on Amazon during the launch, customers can expect to pay far less than normal prices, making this one of the best deals of the season.

It is no secret that mothers have a lot of things to purchase when they are bringing a new child into the family. From furniture to clothing, there is sure to be a lot of money going out, and not as much coming in. For a limited time, Family First Enterprises is going to make it just a bit cheaper to get ready for a new child by offering a deep discount on their newest product, Bamboo Nursing Pads for new mothers who choose to breastfeed.

“Choosing to breastfeed is a big choice and a healthy one for mom and baby,” Say Jana McAllister of the Family First design team. “It comes with it’s own troubles though, and we aim to help new moms overcome those troubles to reach success. In this case, that means offering a discount on what is proving to be our most popular product yet, our Bamboo Nursing Pads.”

With four layers - soft bamboo that sits against the skin, microfiber insides that lock away moisture with an added level of liquid resistant coating and a waterproof outer layer that prevents embarrassing leaks - the new Bamboo Nursing Pads offer an all in one solution to new breastfeeding mothers. They are washable as well, making them an environmentally friendly solution as well as a comfortable one.

“We designed them with our customers in mind entirely,” says McAllister. “They actually get softer with each wash, and they are designed as a circle so that they don’t shift around like some of the other nursing pads out there. Now we offer this big launch discount and make it more affordable than ever to be comfortable and active.”

Indeed, customers who have already purchased this product and who are enjoying it are reporting that the company’s claims are true. The Bamboo Nursing Pads protect against leaks, they don’t shift around, and they are comfortable to wear. The company will continue to offer the launch discount through the duration of the product launch’s festivities, but company representatives warn that it won’t be around forever. Customers are encouraged to order now on Amazon, where they can purchase either a single pair or a four pair pack.

About Family First Enterprises:
As a family owned and operated company, Family First Enterprises is a company that knows how dedicated we are to our families. They have worked hard to make sure they are only offering the finest products to new parents, making it easy to maintain an active lifestyle even after the addition of a new little one to their lives. With Family First Enterprises, it’s easy to put your family first!