Family Assets Group is highly delighted to announce the launch of its services designed to help people understand their options while paying for medical care. Family Assets Group was established with the primary goal of offering personalized family solutions that will lead to the protection of the family's life savings by ensuring that funds are applied correctly, and the rules regarding income and assets are followed properly.

Family Assets Group was born after a clear observation of the emotional and financial problems families face in receiving long term care. Since long term care is quite unclear and extraordinarily costly, making a mistake or not understanding the exact rules for care programs can be emotionally painful and financially devastating for families.  Therefore, there is an urgent need to provide a reliable, fast and trusted way for families to access funding for long term care. Family Assets Group was founded to plug this gap and deliver personalized services to aid families in accessing funding for long term care.

Family Assets Group delivers to its customers personalized services ranging from accessing Medicaid funding, to creating Medicaid eligibility, protecting savings from high care costs, protecting home from Medicaid claw back, accessing veterans aid & attendance program, and Medicaid nursing home availability. The company’s operations are focused at delivering personalized family solutions tailored to each family’s unique circumstances and goals.

In the bid to achieve this laudable aim, Family Assets Group gathered the most talented financial experts and tech veterans coupled with the most advanced and state of the art technology in the industry. Through a perfect blend of certified experts with optimum financial acumen and cutting edge technology, the team at Family Assets Group takes pride at delivering the most exquisite and fascinating services to the satisfaction of its customers leading to positive reviews and referrals.

“FamilyAssets is an advocate for people as they go through this challenging time. Our purpose is to help your family understand its options and then access funding that can help pay for the care you need. We take families through the Medicaid Application process and help them maximize asset protection while following the stringent eligibility rules. We also guide families through other government programs such as Veterans Aid & Attendance and Medicaid Waivers for In-home Care” stated Wes Fuller, CEO and founder of Family Assets Group.

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