28 December, 2013: Fairfax martial arts students were among the many participants in a state-wide martial arts championship held last November, in Morgantown, West Virginia. 

The 2013 West Virginia Combat Sport Championships took place on Saturday, November 16 2013, at the Mountaineer Mall in Morgantown and saw competitors from all over the state take on one another for the chance to win a number of trophies and awards. In total, over a hundred fighters from across Virginia, including a few representatives of Fairfax martial arts, matched their skills against each other in a number of disciplines. The number of spectators that showed up at the organising dojo to support the fighters was also worth noting, and was a good sign of the popularity of combat sports in the southern American state. 

Among the disciplines in which these fighters could display their prowess were some of the most popular styles of the contemporary martial arts scene, such as Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, as well as more traditional combat sports such as boxing and kickboxing. Each of these disciplines featured several divisions, allowing the hundred or so fighters to be grouped according to age, skill and weight, and thus leading to more evenly matched contests. 

Aside from the combat sports contests on offer, participants and spectators alike were also treated to stick-fighting demonstrations, which helped showcase another side of martial arts training to interested parties in attendance. 

The local gym and combat sports dojo in charge of organising this event stated that this exhibition helped demonstrate that there is, and there has always been, an audience for both traditional martial arts and mixed martial arts in West Virginia, and in Virginia as a whole. Sources close to the event’s administration team also expressed their wish to make the West Virginia Combat Sport Championships a yearly event in the near future. 

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