Many people look towards electric gates as a solution that will meet their demands, but they are not sure about the option they should turn to. There are quite a few criteria you can use when you want to make a choice and each of these options will have its own pros and cons. First you have to consider the application it is meant for.


FADINI is a brand that will offer a solution for just about any system you are interested in. If you want to install an electric gate meant for your home, you should not complicate things more than you have to. If you already have the gate installed at home, all you will need is one of the systems they will have in store for you.


If you want to keep things simple and you want to cause as little damage as possible, residential properties can use above ground gate motors. This is going to open and close the gates you have already installed with the help of a crank arm. You will use a remote to control it from a distance and it will look very nice once you install it.


Commercial properties have a few different requirements instead. An office building has to control the access cars have to their parking lot. Since you do not want to share your space with others that do not belong here, you can rely on FADINI to provide the solution for this. You should install a barrier to keep unwanted visitors out.


You may be able to install an electric gate at an office building as well, but the size of it should not be too large. If you have two lanes coming in and going out of the parking lot, the gate should be only twice as large as the one you have at home. Most of the cars that will go through the gates are small urban vehicles as your own.


The industrial solutions coming from FADINI are different than all the others you have read about here. The gates that will provide access in the yard of a warehouse or inside it are very large. This happens because heavy duty trucks pass through every minute of the day and they will need space to go in and out with little effort.


The gate motors you will need for industrial applications are much larger than any other since they will need to operate heavier gates much faster. If you want to work with the best equipment you can find on the market, the brand you have read about here is the one that will provide a solution, no matter what you will use it for.


There are a number of sources you can turn to so you can buy the gate motors and all the other components needed in your systems, but not all of them are the same. If you want to work with the best brands, you should take the time to visit the site of

   FADINI     is a first name people think of when it comes to electric gates. If you want to choose the right  gate motors    for your system, you have to focus on the application you want to use them for, the weight of the gates and how fast they will open them.