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miim initiates a first of own kind coaching through SKYPE to educate aspirants of IPM-IIM Indore

  • IIM Indore ranks first in India’s top 50 B schools
  • Brings glory to Indore & state by acquiring first position in the BT-Top Business Schools ranking

Above was a heart pleasing news for people of Indore and state as the dream destination of children doing 12th standard, IIM Indore was chosen as the best business school of the country.   

It is estimated that India has more than 4500 Business Schools. Experts say that this number is expected to go higher in the coming years as Indian economy is growing rapidly and there is urgent need for capable leaders to guide companies to success. Good business schools are pivotal today as their role in developing good business leaders for tomorrow is very important.

Now IIM Indore is the leading Business School of the country as it surprised all the participating schools in the prestigious BT-Top Business Schools ranking held recently and captured first rank. More than 125 Business Schools sent entries to mark their place in this vast survey but IIM Indore emerged as the best business school of the country.

IIM Indore is the last destination for a student doing 12th class because once he clears the entrance test of the institution, he need not to worry about his future, as the institution takes responsibilities to make him business leader of tomorrow. It is true that passing entrance test is not easy as institution owing to its prestige earned during past years receives applications from the students in bulk quantity. This reveals the success of IIM Indore and matter of pride for miim, as the later is making students capable to compete the most competitive entrance test through its unique correspondence course. Miim was successful to provide maximum selections to IPM-IIM Indore for three consecutive years 2012 & 2014.

It is true that a student doing 12th class and aiming to secure 95% + marks has to devote him/her fully to studies only. Simultaneously each focuses at such professional or business institutions which can make future sure. As IIM Indore emerged as the biggest solution provider to such students, every one prepares him/her self to get admission there. But two simultaneous studies are critical. Hence they need either a tutor or an institution for coaching them for IIM Indore in such a way that their routine studies are not disturbed.

Atul Malikram, Chief mentor miim says “We have been asked by many as to what was the necessity of    starting correspondence course when regular courses are choice of the students. For such queries we submit our comparison as under:

Regular courses                                      Correspondence course of miim  

  • Could be done in specific time                               No restriction
  • Costly                                                                      Economical
  • Devised traditionally                               Devised keeping in view liking and needs of Students


As such if a student does our correspondence course, his regular course will not be disturbed and he/she can concentrate upon both the courses, simultaneously.”

miim from this year initiated coaching through SKYPE facility also. Students doing our correspondence courses can approach faculty of the institution for inter actions. This facilitates them to solve their problems from homes and need not to travel for consultation. In other words, miim made you available faculty at your door step.

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