The rate of exchange is widely known also as currency conversion rate or as the Forex rate some even call it as the currency exchange rate.  Using the simplest definition, it means how much a country’s currency is worth compared to other countries’ national currencies.  Currency refers to the money of one country.  The currency exchange rate will tell you, for example, the equivalent of 1 US dollar to Japanese Yen and the equivalent of 1 Euro to US dollar, and so on.



While the market of currency conversion is well accepted as the largest market to invest your money in, many people are still in the dark on how the rate of exchange is being established or determined.  Several factors affect the currency exchange rates, and these include interest rates, inflation and trade value.  By trade value, it refers to the trading of business and services between 2 countries.  If country A purchases more services and goods from country B than it exports to that same country, the difference will be reflected in the value of their currencies.  The nation that gains the most from the trade will have a higher value currency.


Inflation and recession also affects the rate of exchange.  These are some of the most common economic factors that make a country unable to purchase merchandise and services from the world market, and even within the country.  This decreased purchasing power gives an indication that the country’s currency has become less desirable in the market.  Inflation will depreciate the value of one country’s currency, compared to a country that has not experienced inflation. So, the currency conversion rates between the 2 countries will keep shifting, until the economy is stabilized.


The interest rate is also a factor that has a direct effect in the rate of exchange.  If the interest rates are high, less money will be circulated through mortgage loans and other business loans.  When there’s less money being circulated, there will also be less purchase happening in the world market.  This is an indication that the value of the currency will also drop, affecting the currency conversion rate.


These factors can change within a short period of time, mostly in matter of hours.  This is one thing that makes currency trading a venture very much exciting. Some natural disasters and political issues can also heighten the level of challenge in currency exchange trading.


Some websites on the web can help you determine the currency exchange.  You will be allowed to use a tool, called the currency exchange calculator. Simply look for a site that offers this service and find out if the site has the currency that you desire.  It is just a simple task of making clicks on the 2 currencies that you want compared. As a rule, note that the currency exchange rates that you will find on these websites are not the official rates in the Forex market.   These websites are affiliates of some big banks, and the resulting rates are the ones used by these particular banks.  However, generally, the difference will be just a bit small, so it is negligible.

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