There are numerous services offered by search engine optimisation service providers today. Despite an extensive variety, link building continues to reign supreme among the ecommerce site owners as well as SEO providers. One way link building has proven to be extremely successful over the years, though the manner of implementation has changed considerably. Getting good quality one way links today is by no means an easy task. If you think it is all about making a list of article directories and submitting your articles with a backlink in the author bio, you have not heard about Google’s Penguin update. Named after one of the most loved creatures on earth, this update instils fear in the minds of optimisation professionals because it changed the face of SEO significantly.
Relevancy is one of the main factors that contribute to one way link building in recent times. Thematic links have a lot more impact on the rank of the website as compared to regular links. For example, let us consider you are optimising a site that offers helpful information to travellers, including maps and locations of the hotels, tourist attraction and more. One of the incoming links to the website comes from a high ranking blog that is a favourite among travel enthusiasts and another comes from an article directory that has many subsections. Which link do you think will have a better impact? Are both links equal? Of course not! The link from the travel blog will bring in a lot more traffic and make an impact on the rank as compared to the link from the article directory.
Anchor texts are also factors that contribute to one way link building. A few years ago, search engine optimisation experts used the same anchor text for hundreds, and sometimes, thousands of links. While this was acceptable before, it is not longer a good practice since such sites are penalised by search engines. Remember, there are many ways of saying the same thing. Why should this not apply to anchor texts? The anchor text has to contain a key phrase, but should be different if you are looking for good results. For example, let us assume you are writing content about travel planning. There are various related anchor tags you could use such as ‘travel plans’, ‘travel planning’, ‘ travel plan list’, ‘ travel planning checklist’ and more, instead of just ‘travel plans’.
Meaningful content is one of the prerequisites for one way link building. The word ‘meaningful’ is the key here and refers to content that does not promote keyword stuffing or gibberish to just generate a link. The choice of keywords is also of priority while creating one way links; for example, the keyword ‘travel ideas’ will not be as effective as choosing the keyword ‘travel ideas for summer’. The objective is to be very specific so the search engines can narrow down the results of a search term and provide the end users with the best set of results.
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