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THAT Skin Careâ„¢ insists the best kept secret to beautiful skin is proper facial cleansing. Removing makeup before bed in particular can make or break a healthy complexion.

Facial cleansers don’t get a lot of attention outside of the teenage acne treatment market. Once women get past the oily skin, blemish-prone stage of life it doesn’t always seem important. It’s certainly not as exciting as anti aging creams or skin smoothing serums. According to THAT Skin Careâ„¢ though, it’s the most important consideration in terms of having beautiful skin.

According to Cheryl Lynn of THAT Skin Careâ„¢, “Washing away makeup each night before bed is essential for good skin. I’m often asked why my skin looks so nice and while I’d love to say it’s due to a particular product or treatment, the reality is that I have always taken care of my skin without exception. Cleansing is not optional. It’s a habit like any other and necessary for a clear, healthy complexion.”

Many women shy away from face washes and cleansers as their skin ages. With added years, skin tends to become dry and regular cleansers can make this problem worse by stripping away important oils and moisture. However, skipping this important skin care step can cause additional problems such as clogged pores and a dull complexion.

“The key is to use a cleanser that hydrates without leaving a greasy film on the skin,” said Lynn. “Added moisture is a good thing for aging skin but lots of oil is not. That’s why I like our Hydrating Facial Cleanser (http://www.amazon.com/Hydrating-Cleanser-THAT-Skin-Care/dp/B00FL3Y1K6) so much. It has a luxurious, lotion consistency and does not dry out the skin. Removing makeup before bed is a breeze, even eye makeup comes off without a lot of the rubbing or irritation you can get with ordinary washes.”

Of primary importance to most women is having a clean feel to their skin without any of the rough, dried out feeling that comes with so many cleansing options. The Hydrating Facial Cleanser is intended for normal to dry and mature skin types and considered safe for sensitive skin. It includes ingredients such as aloe, olive oil and jojoba seed oil. According to a recent customer review (http://www.amazon.com/review/R234TAKII92WJH), the product cleaned her skin thoroughly without drying it out. She also added that it did not irritate her eyes like other products have in the past.

About THAT Skin Care

THAT Skin Careâ„¢ believes every woman deserves to be beautiful. The brand offers a complete line of anti aging skin care products (http://www.thatskincare.com/products/) designed to cleanse, protect and improve the skin’s appearance safely and effectively. All products in the line are made in the USA, paraben-free and never tested on animals.

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