Employees in the transportation industry, no matter if railroads, aviation, trucking and others, are required to take drug and alcohol testing. DOT specifies exactly the rules and what has to be done and who must conduct the tests. The regulations cover multiple aspects and transportation employers as well. Here is why the need for a suitable DOT drug testing program is crucial. There are certain  companies that offer a FAA drug testing program which companies can follow and assure safety at work and for people who come in contact with the company’s employees.


Why is the FAA drug testing program so important? It is because safety should be the number one priority, especially when it comes to the department of transportation. Safety policies are implemented to cover transportation providers across multiple fields. All employees must be drug and alcohol-free, as they need to be conscious at all times and acknowledge the fact that other people’s lives is at risk as well. Along time, the transportation industry has managed to implement regulations for reducing the number of accidents related to alcohol and drug use. despite serious efforts and training assured, there are still employees that do drugs and alcohol.


The DOT drug testing program has one main purpose: to assure safety and assess workers’ health condition. Safety records should always be improved and one step is to educate employees about the fatal consequences that drugs and alcohol bring upon them and others. Beside training program, employers must have a strong and well developed FAA drug testing program. Once regulations and rules are violated, employees in discussion must be removed from their position. Only after treatment and after a thorough evaluation, the employees in discussion should be allowed to get back in their position.


Employers must be aware of such situations and how serious the consequences can be when a worker comes to work after consuming drugs or alcohol. As they choose to be part of a DOT drug testing program, they choose safety and they are taking all possible measures to avoid accidents and work risks.  There are certain steps that should be followed in order to join a certified FAA drug testing program, but luckily there are companies that can offer their services in the industry. They are in charge of conducting the tests at the highest quality levels and showing the relevant results for further investigation.


The programs for the DOT also call for pre-employment testing, in case of any suspicion and post-accident to determine the possible causes. The test panel includes testing for various drugs and a driver must have negative results in order to be DOT qualified. Since companies find it easier to go with a business offering such testing programs and possibilities, they don’t have to handle all the procedures. By joining the consortium, anyone who needs to comply with the test regulations can conduct the tests.


Since there are several companies offering a FAA drug testing program, it is essential to choose the most qualified and serious one. There are several benefits that the DOT drug testing program brings and they should convince any company activating in the transportation industry to join.