F2pmmorpgs.com, one of the leading massively multiplayer online games (MMORPG) websites, today launched its Top Free to Play MMORPG 2014 list. This new feature story lists the best and most popular MMO games of 2014.

“It’s less than two months to 2014 so we feel that it’s time to speculate about what the new year will bring. It’s an exciting time for MMORPGs as more and more new games are launched as free to play,” said said Mike Scott, head writer of F2pmmorpgs.com. “Although there are a few upcoming subscription MMOs, we feel that free to play will dominate the scene in 2014. Our missions as a gaming website is to bring you the best f2p MMORPGs of 2014.”

The Best Free Mmorpg 2014 List can be found here – http://f2pmmorpgs.com/

Scott added that the list is a work in progress that will be updated every month as more new MMORPG games are released. This includes mainstream PC MMORPGs and upcoming console MMO games that will be released for the Xbox One and Playstation 4 (PS4). There are also a few mobile MMOs that might be considered for inclusion.

The criteria used include: graphics, gameplay, amount of free content vs paid content, sandbox elements, player community, and popularity. Only free to play (f2p) games are in in the list though newly launched pay to play MMOs are featured on other parts of the f2pmmorpgs.com website.

In addition, although many different types of massively multiplayer online games are becoming more popular every year, only traditional MMORPG games are included in the Best Free Mmorpg 2014 List. Other kinds of MMOs such as shooter (FPS or TPS), strategy (RTS), trading card, multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA), racing, flight simulation, and browser-based games will have their own separate lists.

“We also really want to go social next year,” said Scott. “In the coming year, we will be making our presence felt on Twitter, Facebook, Youtube, and Google Plus. We have a lot of plans to improve our website and make things more exciting with giveaways so we encourage people to bookmark the website now.”

F2pmmorpgs.com is also gearing up for more multimedia coverage such as video reviews and podcasts that will augment its existing written reviews and opinion columns.

The website design of f2pmmorpgs.com has also been tweaked to make it more responsive. Now, mobile users will be able to view an optimized mobile version of the website. The new clean and minimal website design emphasizes content rather than graphics. Obtrusive banner advertisements have also been removed for a better user experience.

For more information visit the website at http://f2pmmorpgs.com.

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