Adelaide, South Australia, Australia; 07, April 2015: EziAppMaker is one revolutionary and effective system designed to help those who always wanted to create their own professional looking apps for Android and iPhone. What makes this systemquite unique is that there’s no need for the user to be a Java guru, Xcode expert or a software developer to create apps that look as appealing as any other app created by professionals. All users have to do is to go through the information, and correctly apply them. 

According to company’s spokesperson Rob Hillman: “We have developed a system, whereby anyone can easily make their own mobile apps for android and iphones, it’s quick, simple and highly affordable.” 

Lately, thousands of apps are getting created all over the world, and the art of making an app for mobile devices have created quite a huge uproar in the mobile industry. However, creating app for mobile phones is not that easy, as one has to first create a software development program and then write the code himself in order to create the app. The good news is that with the launch of EziAppMaker, it has now become possible for the common masses to create the app of their own without any technical know-how and expertise. Besides this, it’s quite easy to create fully functional and highly professional app with EziAppMaker in 4 simple steps. All a user has to do is choose the template, edit it, build and publish. That’s it! It’s easy as it sounds. 

Some of the key features of EziAppMaker are: 

- Sync
- Push Notifications
- In-App Purchases
- App Share
- PDF Editor
- Newsstand
- Promote in Social media
- Custom Tabs
- Wheel Navigation
- Google Analytics
- Customizable Greeting Cards
- View 3600
- Native PDF and EPUB Readers
- Image View
- Bump Ticket
- Own eCommerce POS
- Native Features
- Menu Type
- GEO Features
- Scanner Features
- Book Features
- Games Page

There are total 4 plans, customers can choose from, namely Basic, Premium, Business and Best Value Plans.

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About EziAppMaker: 

EziAppMaker is a robust and easy-to-use app maker which has made it possible for anyone to create an app with great features. On the official site of EziAppMaker users can get more information, descriptions and features of this revolutionary new system. 

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