Chicago, IL — EZ Clean Coops is a premier manufacturer and retailer of chicken coops and other chicken coop related accessories The chicken coops for sale are of various designs and therefore fit different needs. For example, The Hatchback is a simple, stand alone chicken coop that has just two nest boxes, while the Coop De Ville has many options including a vinyl-covered predator proof screening on all windows and vents.


The other designs include the Lancaster, with five nesting boxes and two venting windows, along with ventilation doors, and Berlinetta, which is an ark style chicken coop that has one nest box. Of course, what kind of chicken coop is best for the homeowner would depend on various factors like the number of chicks that are to be housed, whether the coop should add to the look and feel of the outdoor area, or whether it is just a home for the chicks.


EZ Clean Coops is the manufacturer of chicken coops, and not just a retailer of the product. One of the great things about EZ Clean Coops is that people looking to have a coop built can directly speak to the builders of the coop, thereby ensuring that the coop is built to their exact specifications. The owners of EZ Clean Coops found that eggs looked and tasted better when the chicken were housed in comfortable environs, and thus began to build chicken coops.


The number of chickens that can be housed in chicken coop depends on the type and design of chicken coop that has been ordered. The general rule used by EZ Clean Coops is that each chick should have three square feet for themselves. Raising chickens at home is a good idea especially for people who garden, enjoy good food and are interested in making their lives and homes self-sustainable.


The chicken coop kits are perfect for the “do it yourselfer” and come as partially pre-assembled panels, pre-hung windows and pre-shingled roofs. These chicken coop kits can be installed by a person within an hour, depending on their technical knowledge. Other features that are standard include coop liners, coop nest boxes, roost bars, extra side runners, litter trays, and some are available with wheels thus facilitating the easy transport of the coop across the yard or field. The chicken coops are built using exterior grade mahogany plywood, southern yellow pine and Western Red Cedar for the walls, framing and legs and trim respectively.


People wishing to find out more information about the chicken coops can visit the company‘s website,, where the user can order the chicken coops that would be suitable to their needs. Leisure Woods, Inc. offers ´curbside‘ delivery for most of their products.