May 7, 2015 – EyeKan Consultants, LLC, Private Exchange Marketplace Brokers, specializing in transitioning small businesses from traditional group benefits to the Private Exchange Marketplace is expanding to meet the demands of the industry post Health Care Reform.

EyeKan Consultants LLC provides insurance, financial and business solutions for groups, families and individuals. “When you see problems, we see solutions” is what Founder and Senior Broker LaKenya Beard can be quoted saying. Currently serving the Georgia and Alabama regions they offer valuable and unique services that not many other companies are providing.

With The Affordable Care Act in full effect, EyeKan Consultants, LLC, educates and consults with small businesses and families on compliance and how to navigate all the new laws to their advantage. Like it or not Health Reform has changed the way many things operate such as insurance and taxes and the majority of society doesn’t understand exactly how. EyeKan Consultants, LLC, are experts in the field of benefits post Health Care Reform. They specialize in getting groups benefits that would typically go uncovered because the cost was too expensive for both the employee and the employer. These groups can now get coverage for a fraction of the cost with more valuable options than ever before.

Eyekan Consultants, LLC, in most cases can save companies already offering traditional group benefits, anywhere from 40%-60% off their current monthly premium cost and increase the value of the service being offered. The average premium cost to cover a single individual for Health Insurance in Atlanta is $500 per month for a plan that still leaves the employee with a minimum $5,400 in out of pocket expenses. With the experience and training of EyeKan Consultants, LLC, they can on average cut that cost in half and include coverage like Dental, Vision, Hearing and a Hospital Supplement, eliminating practically all out of pocket expenses and still lowering the premium.

EyeKan Consultants, LLC, understands that employees and small businesses are valuable assets that need to be protected and offers a wide range of financial and insurance products to help manage risk. Innovative products like the SOLO 401K available to owners only without participation requirements from their employees and Guaranteed Issue Life Insurance to small groups are just a couple of the valuable solutions available from EyeKan Consultants, LLC for the savvy small business owner to help manage risk.

“Helping people and providing solutions is our passion” says Founder and Senior Broker, LaKenya Beard. EyeKan offers unique life insurance products to protect your business finances and operations with solutions such as key man coverage and buy sale agreements; you don’t have to leave the future state of your business to chance. EyeKan Consultants, LLC, brings value to the lives of those they service. Consider the Employees who now have valuable benefits like paid sick days, health, dental and life insurance or employers who are now saving thousands in group premiums every month because they made the switch to a Private Exchange/Marketplace.

Using the Private Exchange/Marketplace, Employers have the option of contributing as little or as much as they want towards the employee’s benefits, unlike traditional group benefits that require the employer to contribute as much as 60% of the employees premium.

With so many Employers expressing interest in converting to a Private Exchange, EyeKan Consultants, LLC, is expanding their team of brokers in response to the demand. EyeKan Consultants, LLC s’, solution approach will make a significant impact on the community by solving the problem many employers and employees faced with the high cost and complexity of group benefits. Compliance support, ease of administration and cost savings are just a few of the valuable components Groups and Individuals receive when they choose EyeKan Consultants, LLC. Not many other companies are offering this type of specialized service that caters to the needs of businesses and individuals, post Health Care Reform. EyeKan Consultants, LLC, offers a 15 minute employer presentation, which leaves most employers looking like a hero to their employees. For a limited time EyeKan Consultants, LLC is offering a free feasibility study to small businesses in the Metro Atlanta area with under 25 employees. To schedule a consultation with a licensed broker call 1-844-486-7829 or visit www.Eyekan.org for more information on their full range of solutions.

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