Exzo , a premier UK-based provider of high-quality supplements and health products, has recently announced the release of their brand new detox tea called Clenzo . This new tea is designed to provide all of the well-known benefits of detoxification without the negative side effects that other detox or weight loss teas have been found to cause. Those who would like to learn more about the benefits of Clenzo or purchase the new tea can do so at the Exzo website or at the Amazon UK store.

“Detoxification is more than a health trend. It’s one of the best ways for people to cleanse their bodies by getting rid of the toxins they’ve ingested,” said Kenny Reid, a spokesperson for Exzo. “However, it’s important for consumers to realize that not all detox supplements are made equal. Many of them cause a laxative effect in the body, which means they only help eliminate the water and waste in the large intestine. Others have been shown to contain dangerous ingredients that cause everything from digestive problems to cardiovascular issues. The team at exzo has created Clenzo to be a very different kind of detox tea.”

Clenzo Detox Tea is created to be a 7 to 21 day detox; depending on how many times a day the consumer drinks the tea. Formulated by world-class research and development teams, Clenzo Tea is made of a proprietary blend of 11 natural ingredients including oolong, goji berry, garcinia cambogia, pu erh, nettle leaf, lemongrass, liquorice root, ginseng, ginger root, fennel seeds and yerba mate. These ingredients support healthy weight loss by boosting the metabolism and attacking adipose fat tissue so that the body can release fat from cells. In turn, they help the liver better convert that fat to usable energy.

As Reid goes on to say, “Not only can Clenzo help with weight loss, but it has a host of other benefits such as reducing stress and helping the body rid itself of the harmful toxins present in food we eat and the environment in which we live. We believe that it’s the best detox tea on the market, and it is our hope that this new product will help people reclaim their health and live the best life possible.”

Exzo’s Clenzo Detox Tea is available for purchase on their website at: http://exzo.co.uk as well as in Amazon’s UK store

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