Red Carpet boldness, attitude and style are conferred on the one who smokes the imperial Cuban Cigars. What makes it super classic in flooded cigar variety? The high quality and rich flavor of Cuban cigars get them reputation & domination in the tobacco industry. The secret behind the affluent cigars was unrevealed by the COO of Havana House Cigar Merchants (the leading online dealer of premium cigars) stating that the Caribbean country Cuba (where the rich tobacco grows) has ideal tropical climate throughout the year as well as mineral-rich soil that outrun the world‘s production of tobacco in both quantity and quality. Our discussion with the top management executives of Havana House enlightened us with many facts proving Cuban cigars as a distinct & meritorious family of cigars in comparison to others.

For poor people Cuban cigar becomes a dream and for rich it becomes a habit but none can deny that it is Cuban cigar that captivates the mind of people who loves to smoke cigar. Cuban cigars enjoy zero competition with its royal looks and robust flavor. One of the officials of Havana House also stated in the interview that in past times it was difficult to buy Cuban cigars as the history witnessed the legal nationalization of Cuban tobacco industry in the year 1962 by Fidel Castro‘s Communist Government under the new department Cuban tobacco to efficiently handle the production as well as the distribution of Cuban tobacco products. But that was not the exact dawn for Cuban cigars which actually took place in the year 1994 when these were circulated across the globe through efficient exports.

Another exceptional attribute that makes the Cuban cigars extraordinary is the technique used to make these. To everyone‘s surprise the Cuban cigars are handmade cigars which require the skill as well as the art of rolling the distinct class of cigars.  Since 1991 Havana House has been infusing rich lifestyle among population by selling the premium handmade Cuban cigars. Each box of Cuban cigars supplied by the company undergoes a vigilant quality check and thereafter labeled with the EMS for the cigar connoisseurs to experience the quality smoking.  Smokers who enjoy Cuban cigars do cherish Dominican, Nicaraguan and Honduran cigars. Bolivar, Cohiba, Montecristo, Partagas, Romeo Y Julieta, Hoyo De Monterrey, H. Upmann, Jose L Piedra, Bolivar, Punch, Vegas Robaina, Quintero, Fonseca, Cauba, Trinidad, San Cristobal De La Habana, Diplomaticos, Sancho Panza, Rafael Gonzalez, La Gloria Cubana, EI Rey Del Mundo, Flor De Cano, Vegueros, Por Larranaga, Quai D‘Orsay, Juan Lopez, Ramon Allones and Saint Luis Rey are the common as well as the rare brands of Cuban Cigars which are easily available at the online store . To buy Cuban cigars and the related flavors Havana House is the best destination to garnish your smoking tastes immaculately. Cigar Aficionados and the beginning smokers can explore the real treasure of premium Cuban cigars by smoking its extensive collection with the thrilling accessories.

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