The best tax refund calculators, including those from TurboTax and H&R Block, are explained for the upcoming 2016 tax season at the Express Tax Refund website.

October 14, 2015 — Tax preparation expert and author Frank Ellis has revealed the best tax refund calculators for 2016 on the Express Tax Refund website. Two free tools anyone can use are listed. These are intended to help with tax planning and financial decision making, providing an estimate on what to expect back from the IRS.

The TurboTax TaxCaster refund calculator quickly provides an estimate on federal tax refunds. Users just have to enter basic information, according to the author, and get an answer within minutes. This tool calculates a maximum refund amount and uses the same software as this leading tax preparation system.

Also explained is the H & R Block tax refund calculator. It can be used online or on a smart phone. This tool tells what a taxpayer will receive, what they owe, and indicates what documents are required in the tax return, Ellis explains. One benefit is seeing the refund before doing the entire tax return. The numbers can change somewhat leading up to tax season as is stated in the article.

Ellis discusses the importance of thinking about the refund in advance. A tax return calculator can reduce stress. He also says the leading calculators can ensure taxpayers are not paying too much. In addition, uses can know whether or not they are withholding enough money. Tax return calculators have many benefits.

To learn more about TaxCaster and the H & R Block tax refund calculators and their many advantages for taxpayers in 2016, read the article at

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