United States of America, December 27, 2013: In the present age, websites are among the most important element for each and every house. Websites are means by which an individual or company can reach to people irrespective of geographic restrictions. The same factors highlight the significance of servers and domain hosting providers, which have considerably grown in numbers. However, online resources like http://www.exposedhostingreviews.com are of great is searching for the most appropriate service provider, especially for beginners and small enterprises. It provides vital information on every aspect of web hosting and servers. It rates, reviews and ranks hosting providers on the basis of their unique features, price and other aspects.

Exposed Hosting Reviews

Websites depend on accessibility, which is ensured by web hosting providers. Both personal and business websites can achieve their motives only when they are easily accessible to large number of people. The benefit that can be reaped from the service of a hosting provider depends on the package offered by it. Every hosting provider has different packages. exposedhostingreviews provides complete information about hosting packages of top service providers. Server uptime, bandwidth, storage and additional domain facilitation are some of the crucial factors to be considered for choosing a web host.

Server uptime is utmost crucial for websites. It is the time for which a website is up and running on the web, i.e., accessible for visitors. Most of the good hosts claim 99.99% uptime while some dare mention even 100%. However, reviews of real users provide correct picture than claims made by companies. Along with server uptime, quick customer support is also important because websites that have good web-traffic are bound to crash at some point of time. However, it can be brought back up quickly if the host provides good customer service. In addition to the essential service, web hosts usually provide certain special features to distinct their service from that of others. These services make host unique and let users identify the one appropriate for them.

In terms of unique features, exposedhostingreviews.com has Y! Web Hosting on top for Yahoo! Merchant Solutions, eStore and 24×7 in-house support. Following Yahoo! is 1&1 with its simultaneous storage in 2 data centres and webspace recovery. At number 3, Bluehost deserves mention for being the only host that is recommended by Drupal, Opencart and WordPress. Other hosts in descending order are HostGator, SiteGround, Go Daddy, DreamHost, Hostmonster, JustHost and ixWebhosting,.

Price of different hosting providers also varies. Incredibly low price can be offered either by poor service provider or by very big host. Similarly, expensive packages are also not guarantee of first-class service. iPage, 1&1, Y! Web Hosting and Justhost are the least expensive among popular hosts but they enjoy above 4-star rating On the other hand, DreamHost is the most expensive on the list but has been rated below 4-star. Users’ recommendations are also available for reference.

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