Skimming through online portals for a place to rent in the Boston area can be a daunting task. Many troll through craigslist ads only to discover they are wasting their time since most craigslist ads aren’t real. There is a new platform designed just for off campus housing in Massachusetts, especially for Boston University students. was specifically designed by Adi Pellumbi from Salem State University. This new social marketplace is the number one directory for college students to find Boston University housing . isn’t limited to off campus housing but is also a great social channel for students and locals to buy sell and trade goods and services at great prices. If you need to find a roommate, or hammer out a resume for a job, is a great place to focus on because it is cut out for people in Massachusetts. Boston University students can create their profile and start using for free!

Here are the top five reasons to use’s social platform to buy sell and trade services and goods:

1. Boston University students can use it for free. This provides people with off campus housing an opportunity to find renters, sell goods and offer services to meet the needs of the college community. Everyone benefits from using’s interface

2. Everyone likes to have the freedom to sell their goods or make announcements to the community without resentment. is a safe place to create event announcements, while having full control of their listings.

3. Posting ads on gives college students looking for off campus housing or Boston University housing on the radar to prepare for upcoming semesters. This exposure saves property managers time to find tenants, but benefits the renter even more!

4. You can trust that the ads posted on will keep you safe, and will not lead to lengthy emails from people that take advantage of classified listings. All ads are from the Boston area building reliable contacts and establish credibility.

5. is a one stop shop to find housing or find great businesses that can help Boston University college students with services or goods. is using the latest social networking platform technologies that can be adopted by Boston University students to get everything they need to make their stay comfortable and convenient without chasing false ads on other classified sites. Students can use to find roommates for free starting this fall!

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