Explorite, the premier social marketplace for college students has been launched recently especially to cater to the needs of college students of almost all levels. Established solely to help students to save money, Explorite is a one-of-its-kind service that allows students to buy and sell books, to find a roommate, to find a room for rent, to buy or sell old stuff, look for a job, buy a car or to avail help from other college students.

Explorite exclusively serves the college community. Many students have even admitted that apart from saving money, Explorite has also helped them to make solid connections, which is extremely crucial during college years and to land a good job thereafter.

It would not be an exaggeration to say that founders of Explorite have done a great job to make this website exceptionally students friendly. This is quite evident from the number of students who have liked this website on Facebook and other social media sites. According to the founders, the major motivation behind the creation of this website is to provide a platform for students to get through their college years effortlessly and efficiently. Students during college years are too busy to spend time on thousands of questionable classified sites. To make things even worse, reputable classified sites are not free, and they are charging money from students without even providing them any desirable result. Explorite aims to help these students to build their own online community without even paying anything at all.

To make it easier for students, Explorite uses cutting-edge and advanced-technology in it’s functioning. Students just need to register, and they can access their free account instantly. They can use their free account to search for the items they want. Flawless search functionality enables them to search for their products in the most efficient way. They can search for housing, events, books or even local businesses. In its core, Explorite also serves as a great social networking site especially devised for college students. They can effectively use Explorite to share notes, events, homework, links, picture, videos, and even ask for help.

The main strength and USP of Explorite is its capability to enable students to buy and sell stuff online to fellow students or anyone they want. Students can buy stuff from a member of their own community on Explorite, or they can even approach reliable outside sellers on Explorite. For selling stuff, Explorite offers a straightforward but revolutionary functionality. Sellers can easily list the items they want to sell, and they will get notified by phone or email if someone is interested. For further information, please visit Explorite.com

Company: Explorite LLC
Contact: Sebastian Aurelius
Phone: 774-234-7472
60 Pleasant St
Boston Massachusetts
Email: [email protected]
Website: www.explorite.com