March 19, 2013 — Explorite is a new website dedicated to serving the needs of Northeastern University students as well as those from other colleges and universities. Explorite provides a student marketplace, roommate and job finding services and even a classified section as well. With Explorite, classifieds at Northeastern University can now be read by those at other colleges and universities as well.

Launched on October 3rd, 2012, Explorite was created by Adi Pellumbi, a computer science alumni student from Salem State University in Massachusetts. Pellumbi designed Explorite to address the needs of students when it came to expanding the market for items or services they needed. Northeastern University has recently been added to the Explorite community. Explorite is essentially a platform for communications and marketing that allows students to buy, trade or sell items, find roommates, apartments and car pooling opportunities and post classifieds for specific services or products. In essence, Explorite expands the Northeastern University classified program and allows those from other colleges and universities to participate. There are no fees for joining Explorite as all the services provided are free.

The uses of the Northeastern University classifieds are numerous from finding new roommates, car pooling opportunities and the buying, trading or selling of items. Explorite expands the scope of the classifieds to include different colleges and universities so that the pool of students is much broader and more numerous. Classifieds that once reached a few thousands students are now expanded to reach tens of thousands and more. Explorite also broadens the reach of those wanting car pooling or roommate opportunities within the university as well by adding another resource. This means that students of Northeastern University can check both their college website and Explorite to find classifieds for roommates, apartments and car pooling opportunities. Furthermore, Explorite classifieds are perfect for finding off-campus apartments as well. There are many ways that Explorite helps cover the Northeastern University classifieds by adding more opportunities for college students.

In addition to providing classifieds for Northeastern University students Explorite expands the platform of communication to students at other colleges and universities. This means that the student marketplace is expanded as well. Items such as textbooks, school supplies and other related materials can be purchased, sold or traded through the classifieds of Explorite. Students will have more options to sell or trade their items. Explorite does not facilitate any purchases, but it does allow for free communication so that students can arrange meetings to exchange items or make purchases. In essence, terms for buying, selling or trading can be set by students on Explorite. This is the perfect platform for book sharing and other activities as well. The classifieds on Explorite allow students to expand the possibilities of making sales and finding the items that they need.

For more information about Explorite classifieds and how Northeastern University students can take advantage of this new service, simply go to this website. The services on Explorite are free to use for all students and only require a simple registration process to access.

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