Manchester, NH — May 06, 2016 — Identity theft is one of the most growing crimes around the world. This type of crime can be extremely easy to commit due to the wide availability of cheap tools used by crooks. Anyone can be a victim of identity theft anytime or anywhere even in restaurants.

Experts reveal the tricks behind the restaurant credit card scams. One of the most alarming things about this crime is that it can happen in just a matter of seconds or minutes without the victim knowing it.

In 2011, 28 individuals were indicted in an identity theft case. They victimized the diners of some of the New York’s top steak houses. Unfortunately, the culprits were servers who used skimming devices to steal the credit card data of customers.

It was also found that the servers then turned over the stolen data to their bosses, which in turn produced fake credit cards. Victims are often left with charges as big as $35,000 on every card.

According to experts, restaurant credit cards cost their victims around $600,000 to millions of dollars. It is believed that hackers are targeting restaurants too by simply stealing identitis.

Trustwave’s SpiderLabs, which is a data security firm, reveals that 85 percent of the data breaches come from retail, hospitality, food and beverages industries. While there is a multitude of data security software and services available, most businesses have poor data security.

There are several ways to reduce the risk of becoming an identity theft victim. One is that people should not let their credit card out of their sight. When it’s time to pay, they should ask if the restaurant has a portable credit card scanner. They should also ensure that the scanner is the one officially provided by the store.

It is similarly import to avoid leaving the receipts behind. There are certain POS systems used by some restaurants that do not mask credit card number as well as the expiration dates. It could be a huge security risk if a thief gets a hold of the receipt.

It can also be beneficial to simply pay the meal with cash. This method is safer, simple, and straightforward. Diners do not have to take their credit cards out of their wallets and allow them to be exposed to certain risks.

There are also products such as the set of RFID blocking sleeves that can help diners increase their protection against identity thieves. These sleeves are available at and can stop crooks from stealing credit card information. (
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