Orlando, FL — May 22, 2015 — Arthritis often causes or triggers the development of other medical conditions. However, in addition to obesity and other ailments, arthritis can also cause bad breath. The good news is that there are some remedies that patients can resort to.

Experts provided some tips on how to fight bad breath caused by arthritis. Bad breath is medically known as halitosis, and it can develop from the medications that arthritis patients take. Drugs such as ibuprofen and naproxen that help ease arthritis symptoms can also cause bad breath.

According to a dental surgeon and the Academy of General Dentistry’s spokesperson, Connie White, albeit halitosis is very common, it is nonetheless very curable. There are actually several ways to get rid of bad breath caused by arthritis. These methods can be extremely helpful to many arthritis patients who are suffering from halitosis.

The Arthritis Foundation has stated on its website the ways to combat bad breath. Patients should make sure that they do not let food bits stick in their mouth. They should also check their medications, read the fine print of the mouthwash, see their doctor and consume less onions and garlic.

Jacqueline L. Wolf, M.D., Harvard Medical School’s associate professor of medicine, stated that food stuck in between gums and teeth feeds bacteria, which results in the production of sulfur. This compound is responsible for the rotten-egg smell of bad breath. Those who do not have time to brush should just rinse their mouth with water after eating their meal.

“There are certain drugs that cause bad breath. Experts suggest that patients should know what these drugs are and discuss the matter with their doctor,” added O’Sullivan.  

According to White, it is imperative that healthcare professionals are aware of the patient’s condition, particularly when they suffer from bad breath and severe dry mouth. Diuretics, antihistamines and antidepressants are usually associated with the occurrence of dry mouth and bad breath. Patients should make sure that they drink lots of water and use a sugar-free gum that has xylitol as it fights decay.

Arthritis sufferers should also see to it that they avoid using mouthwash that contains high amounts of alcohol, which is a drying agent. It is also best that they take time in talking to their doctor as there can be different causes of bad breath. Garlic and onions, on the other hand, contain sulfur-containing gases, which are often secreted within a few hours.

There are several ways to fight bad breath, and some of the safest and effective methods are the natural remedies. Arthritis pain, for instance, is often reduced with the use of natural alternatives such as curcumin supplements. This natural alternative is believed to be effective in reducing pain and discomfort usually experienced by arthritis sufferers (http://www.amazon.com/Turmeric-Curcumin-Complex-BioPerine-Bio-availability/dp/B00JA4TLTI).

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