17, November 2015: Removal and storage of office furniture is a challenging task. It may disturb your company’s day to day operations. However, to minimize these disturbances, there are some steps you can take. Herewith provided is an expert guidance to removal and storage of office furniture.

In General;
* It is the responsibility of each department head to ask the respective staff members to adhere to the guidance
* provided
* Employees are responsible for packing their own preliminary packing.
* All packing should be completed prior to the actual start of the move.

Detailed Instructions when removing furniture
Make sure that the desks are empty. Items like paper clips, pencils and other loose items should be properly packed in envelopes or plastic bags. Remember to pack your working papers, letter trays, books, and notepads in a carton.

Usually, these cabinets are moved with the contents inside. Make sure to tighten the internal drawers so that the contents do not get scattered. Lock all the cabinets. Remember to filament tape each drawer for additional protection. Once locked, make sure to remove the keys and pack them safely.

These are not movable when the contents are in. Make sure to pack the contents properly in appropriate cartons and secure the drawers with tapes or locks.

Pack all the contents in appropriate cartons. Once you are done with packing, remove all the shelves but, make sure to keep them together. Better to remove the shelf pins and pack in envelopes.

Pack all the contents into carton and lock the cabinet doors perfectly.

Pack all contents with hangers.

* SMALLER OFFICE MACHINES (scanners, printers, etc.)
Never pack these machines. Let them be on top of the desks of stands. Be sure to have them disconnected properly and have the connection codes packed in zip locked bags

Remove all the boards, tag them individually and place against the wall. However, the smaller pieces can be stored in cartons. Be sure to place white wrapping papers between all the pictures.

Tagging & Marking
Without tagging things can go really bad. Be sure to tag items with specific and detailed codes such as floor, room number, etc. Tagging forms are usually available with the mover. Be sure to fill them properly. Get your movers instructions if necessary.

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