Matcha Powder Becomes Popular Ingredient for Modern Dishes and Baked Goods

Professional chefs all over the world are in a race to create the next most popular Matcha dish. The ground tea leaf powder, which is called Matcha in Japan, has been used to create hot beverages in eastern Asia for many centuries. Matcha was also used to flavor Asian sweets like mochi and dango.

Only recently has Matcha become widely known in the west, both as a health food and a Japanese luxury product. Matcha has a distinct taste and color, because the tea trees it comes from are placed under shade to cause the leaves to form more chlorophyll. This chlorophyll is what gives Matcha the bright green color it has.

Organic chefs report that Matcha is a great ingredient to use as a natural colorant. Many recipes, especially confectioneries, ask for food coloring to increase the visual appeal of the dish. 100% Organic Matcha, like the product sold by uVernal, contains no chemicals and gives the food it is contained in a very strong green color.

The flavor of Matcha is different from simple green tea brew, because the whole leaf is consumed. The taste of Matcha is certainly stronger and sweeter than that of typical green tea. Adding Matcha as a tea flavoring agent in food is by far more potent than using green tea brew.

Since Matcha comes as a dry powder, while green tea is always consumed as a liquid, Matcha allows for different kinds of recipes to be created. Matcha powder can be used in herb crusts on meat, it can be sprinkled on food and added to recipes that do not need water, like some batters.

Matcha is ideal for cakes and sweets, since it can be immediately added to the batter without changing the consistency, something that could not be achieved with liquid tea.

Experts agree that Matcha has opened up a whole new world when it comes to using tea as a flavoring in food. Chefs advise cooks who want to try experimenting with Matcha to buy a high quality, organic product, to ensure the product has the expected standard when it comes to taste and consistency. Organic brand uVernal has been providing Matcha powder to many bakeries and restaurants who seek a 100% natural product.
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