(Free Press Release) Do you have the nerves to float in the air at a height of 14000 ft.? Want to experience the adrenaline rush of skydiving without any worries? Then, you are welcome to GoSkydive which gives you a perfect opportunity of skydiving Australia.

We claim with immense pride that we are the number 1 choice of the people for tandem skydive and we provide skydive Byron bay and skydiving in Ballina , Gold Coast and the surrounding areas. We have a team of highly experienced instructors who have done thousands of tandem skydives and have a perfect safety record.

Here are listed several reasons which will make you choose us for your tandem skydives:

We provide free luxury limousine pick up. Kick-start your thrilling experience in the air with the luxury of traveling in a Limousine.
We provide unique friendly personal service.
We have a team of world championships experienced instructors.
You can have a stunning view of the blue oceans and waterfront landing.
You have the thrilling opportunity of flying your own parachute.
You can even jump from a helicopter.
We provide fully digital Broadcast quality DVD's.
While tandem skydiving with us, you can get a lot of free stuffs and specials from us.
We also provide group discounts. Therefore, the more the merrier. Invite your friends and family members to enjoy skydiving.

Apart from the video, we provide you a upload of your video to our website. Thus, your friends and family can watch you skydiving. We also provide you a compressed version of your video to your iPod or any other portable media player. We provide key chain digital frame with your pictures on it. You can even have your video on 4GB MP4 watch and you can watch on the move.

So, if you want the rush of your life from 14000 ft. in a stunning 220 km/hr freefall for 60 seconds. GoSkyDive is the first skydiving club in Australia to offer HD Wing Shots. You can book online
or over the phone and get free wing shots.

For further information, please feel free to visit www.goskydive.com.au . If you have any queries you can email us at [email protected] . You can also gives us a 'free call' at 1800 30 20 05.