14, April 2015: Green Legal Consulting, LLC, a full service consulting company provides a variety of services, including services for plaintiff/defense firms, educational facilities, and insurance companies. Founded by Anitra Green the team at Green Legal Consulting, LLC utilizes their years of experience and education in the medical field to provide comprehensive reviews and analysis of medical records and medical legal issues. 

In most scenarios, individuals get intimidated or overwhelmed by the medical system and Green Legal Consulting, LLC functions with an objective of assisting such individuals. Services such as screening and analyzing cases for merit, reviewing, interpreting and summarizing medical records, organizing and summarizing medical records, identifying critical omissions in delivery of care, summarizing records with time-line chronologies and reports to identify key areas of a case, revealing medical record tampering and missing documents, identifying non-compliant conduct, identifying and analyzing possible causations, contributing factors, and key people, assisting with discovery, interrogatories, depositions, trial preparation, preparation of expert witnesses, identifying standards of care and any deviations from those standards of care, researching and translating applicable medical literature attendance, observing, and reporting on independent medical exams, defending medical exams, if needed, presentations on healthcare issues and indexing, tabbing, and binding medical records are offered to clients at Green Legal Consulting, LLC. The consultation company stands out among its contenders due to its core values. The team believes in being sensitive towards its clients as many are victims of injustice. The licensed and experienced Registered Nurses at Green Legal Consulting, LLC have the ability to carry out accurate assessments of claims and they pay attention to detail. The team also openly communicates with its clients in order to bring out a strong case. The company consists of a committed and dedicated team of nurses who will flexibly work around the needs of the clients. 

Anitra Green who is the founder of the company is a Registered Nurse with a Masters degree in nursing and leadership along with a Business degree in administration. She has multiple years of healthcare and medical experience. She is also a proud member of AALNC and has done over 1000 case reviews. 

Individuals no longer have to worry about medical details as Green Legal Consulting, LLC is at service providing outstanding assistance in all medical- legal concerns. 

For further details please visit www.greenlegal.net 

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