Get to know more about HealthyWiser’s nail care system

There are various benefits when nails are treated at home. Visiting the nail salon can be great but with HealthyWiser’s professional nail care kit, everything becomes easier.

From tea bags to toothpaste, lifestyle website Women 24 shares some tips for DIY nail care that people can do.

When suffering from nail discoloration, the whitening toothpaste can do its job by scrubbing it over the nails with a toothbrush. Lemon juice and baking soda blends are also perfect alternatives for nail care to treat the yellow discoloration.

Having the new nail polish smudged is normal, especially when the nails are still new from the polish. But the website shared that saliva can be used to soften the nail polish and cover the smudge.

How about roughness after the nail polish has been applied? Saturating acetone on cotton and taping them around the nails can help remove the rough particles on the newly polished nails, the website added further.

For those suffering from chipping and broken nails, teabags can be applied over the affected area before applying a layer or coat, according to the lifestyle website. Bordering the nail edges with a handy tape can also prevent the coat from going beyond the affected nail areas.

To have great-looking polished nails, it is best to apply a coat underneath with the use of a base coat before painting on. This technique can prevent instances of discoloration. This method can also promote a longer lasting nail polish.

HealthyWiser has a professional nail care kit that will help customers maintain nails even when at home. It offers free toe spacers and nail clippers that are perfect for shining, filing and buffing nails. To avail of discounts, visit the Amazon page of HealthyWiser’s nail care system.

“I used all the items right out of the box and I love it! My nails are very short because they break easily, but the device was able to smooth all the edges without harming my skin at all. My nails and toe nails feel and look nice, without any rough edges to snag on things,” a customer shared on Amazon.

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HealthyWiser is a rising brand in the field of nutritional product manufacturing and cosmetics in the United States. The company has made a statement with their products in the market. These revolutionary products are offspring of the 21st century which is now considered by many professionals as some of the best products. For more information about the HealthyWiser professional nail care kit, visit their Amazon page.
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