12 December, 2013: Pregnancy is the most joyful experience of motherhood. Even with all the back pain, swollen limbs and other problems associated with being pregnant the joy of conceiving a child inside one’s body trumps all. Even though most women are willing to go through all the complications associated with conceiving a baby, lack of knowledge can be dangerous to both the baby and the mother. It is very important that mothers keep themselves well informed about pregnancy especially when arriving to the 35th week of pregnancy. 

By the 35th week, most mothers will have gained about 25-29 lbs of additional weight. This is the stage when the baby bump is visible and everybody wants to get a feel of the baby by rubbing the belly. The uterus, which has grown 6 inches by now, will make the belly button very sensitive, causing pain at the slightest touch. This is a completely normal feeling and hence it is safe to let people touch the belly. However, it is important to let the touch be very light because rough handling will cause problems to the pregnancy. As the baby moves head down towards the pelvis region getting ready to be born, it will increase the pressure on the bladder. Back pain and pelvic pain coupled with pelvic numbness is completely normal and it will continue till the birth of the baby. The numbness is caused due to the pressure on the pelvic nerves. Most expecting mothers will experience a sudden surge of energy but it is important not to overdo, as this will affect the birth. 

It is safe to drive at this stage but it is definitely safer not to. It is important to keep oneself busy yet relaxed in preparation for the birth. It is good to engage oneself in petty activities like getting a facial or a haircut at the parlor. For more information please go to http://35wekenzwanger.nl/ 

35wekenzwanger is the website that is entirely dedicated to increasing pregnancy awareness among expecting mothers and couples. From educational information to personal tips from real mothers who have been there, this website is here to help expecting women who do not have family or friends to extend support through this delicate stage. It is not just an information based website but also connects expecting mothers across the globe.