Press release

Dear Editor, News Editor Art critic and representative from Press/ TV/ Radio etc.

You are cordially invited for an exhibition of paintings
“Shunya Sublime”

Paintings and Drawings

From 3rd August to 13th August 2009

Venue: Siridharani Art Gallery , Triveni kala Sangam,

205 Tansen marg, Mandi House, New Delhi-110001

Time: from 11AM to 7PM (Daily)

Note : Please include this news and photographs of Paintings etc from 3rd to 13th of August 2009 in your esteemed new paper / magazine/ TV / Radio etc.


The exhibition “Shunya Sublime” by Devendra Shukla will be inaugurated by lighting a lamp by a group of great personalities including embassy cultural counselors, Ex Principal college of art Proff. Nirensen Gupta, Mr, S. P. Govil, Director Nehru Bal Samiti, Art critic Mr. Suneet Chopra and representative from British high commission and British Council on 3rd august 2009.

Devendra Shukla is exhibiting drawing and paintings of various sizes from 1ft x1ft to 4feet x 5.6 feet in Acrylics on Canvas. The paintings are generally a subconscious expression and the theme is based on spirituality. Painting is a meditation for him and he is working on spirituality for more than last 10 years. He has exhibited and spread knowledge of spirituality in various parts of the world. At present he is working in New Delhi and this exhibition is his recent work done after his last solo exhibition in 2007.

The contemporary painter Devendra Shukla was born in 1966, at present working in New Delhi ; He did MFA in Painting from College of Art , New Delhi and taught in same college for 4 years. He has done research for 3 years in China and taught in Academy of Fine Art , Finland . He has visited more than 25 countries in Asia, Europe and Africa and had held solo exhibitions in India , China , Finland and South Korea and a number of group exhibitions in several countries. He was awarded as best painter by Sahitya Kala Parishad for the year 2004

comments by famous contemporary painter Mr. Neeraj Goswami

“Spontaneous, playful and grotesque - the imagery in Shukla‘s work reflects the structure of his psyche & beyond. The cathartic endeavour reflects his urge to reach within a state of mind where the hidden demons are exorcised and the subconscious is cleansed of the knots and the turbulent etched memories from the past, thus arrived he transcends the chaotic present to a sublime state through his unique process of abstracting the space into planes which move around visually.

One confronts grotesque, surreal shapes which are like echoes from his past, though minimally expressed they become a part of the abstracted structure and open a dialogue with the viewer.

His drawings are a direct interpretation of the moment where mind wants to unburden itself from the physical restrictions and the worldly vibrations thus seeking shelter into the process of creating linear, surreal and grotesque expressions.

The artist amuses himself and the viewer by stirring and stimulating hitherto unknown experiences and emotions thus exalting and lifting them from the mundane to a higher plane, though for a moment.

Devendra Says:

Shunya is a meditative stage, meaning “nothingness”. Nothingness here confirms to a state of mind where it is absolutely free of inane myriad thoughts of our daily life so that it can be a recipient of new vision and feelings and to tap the subconscious mind. And meditation can be the most potent vehicle to dissect the subconscious mind and to translate the resultant imagery into a creative self sustaining entity.

Shunya stage is a subconscious state of a human in the most sensitive and purest form or condition. A condition above reason and logic. A condition prodding the inner being towards the act of creation and thus achieving subliminal state.

Painting is meditation to me and I achieve pain, pleasure, enjoyment and satisfaction by getting involved into this process of creation. Space, colour, form and figures are settled by unknown energy to form a mysterious balance thereby giving spiritual satisfaction.

Contact of the Artist:

Devendra Shukla

Ph: 9811375246

Studio: 110-A/1, Krishna Nagar, Safdarjung Enclave, New Delhi-110029

Email: [email protected]