25, February 2016: With the progress of globalisation, a great deal of trade shows spring up all over the world, for example in Europe, Asia and even in Africa. These international trade shows pertain to many fields, e.g. electronics, agriculture, and mechanism. For each exhibition, thousands of visitors come to it. Some are exhibitors and some are visitors. And even some are service who offering service of translation or other service. These exhibitions are quite large so that it will take several days to walk across all the trade show. It is a laborious job. Some hosts consider some way out for this situations. Now a sponsor of exhibition purchase many Airwheel intelligent self-balancing scooters for visitors to make a whole tours. They rent them out to those visitors. The business fares well. Accordingly, the number of visitors is on a rise annually.


Mr Luke is a visitor to the industry trade show. He comes to this show for business, with the intention of looking for co-operative suppliers. There are over ten thousands of booths. If he pays a visit to these booth one by one. The 7-day-long exhibition is not sufficient. At the same time, his physical strength does not permit. At the gate, he sees the sponsor renting out Airwheel two-wheeled intelligent scooters S3. He comes up to them for a rent of S3. In his country, he had seen children riding it. But he did not he would ride it here for visit. The rent is quite cheap. The rent per day is $ 10.


Mr Luke says the two-wheeled scooter S3 is quite easy to steer. By leaning his body forward, S3 will go forth. When he leans back, the scooter will quickly retreat. The smart system leaves a deep impression on him. He figures he will use it again when he pays a visit to the trade show. After a day visit, he drops by over one hundred of booth. With Airwheel S3, his day is fairly productive.

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