A man who loves rugby has reasons to be a tad happier than the average fellow. British Lions, one of the leading rugby players in the whole world are proud to team up with Thomas Pink, UK’s premiere clothing brand.

The excellent men’s clothes and accessories epitomize a classic British style that the rugby team should carry throughout this season.

More than taking pride on their fit form on the field, the British Lions has to also mind how they look during the tour. Their wardrobe should reflect dignity and style while at the same time celebrate their passion for the sport. The nation’s finest rugby players are set to present the Thomas Pink collection as they compete internationally next year.

Dressing up in style is not a man’s strongest quality. It is also typical for a sports enthusiast to dress a little more laidback. However, for a team who represents the nation across the world, looking comfortable is not enough. They have to look formal, classy, and at the same time relaxed in order to gain the much-needed respect especially with this rough sport. They do not need to look as brutal as they are on the field when they tour around for press conferences and galas. It is a good thing that the British Lions paired up with Thomas Pink for this effort. They truly understood the importance of showcasing their style even when they are not playing. No other brand can take on the challenge of toning down these men once they are away from the field.

Officially the outfitters of the team, Thomas Pink has several outfits made for the Lions for their public appearances. The players are expected to look dashing and very becoming in contrast to their usual garb of ruthless clothing when playing. This is quite refreshing since most fans are used to seeing the players dirty and very intense out in the field. Having them all polished up and dressed up by a fabulous brand is a sight to behold for sure.

In line with this growing excitement over the collaboration of style and sportsmanship, rugby fans all over United Kingdom and the world have the chance to include a British Lions memorabilia on their wardrobe. A whole line of formal shirts, jumpers, blazers, and casual shirts is especially prepared for the die-hard fans of the team. Men’s accessories like socks, beanies, and cufflinks can also be bought right away on the Thomas Pink website to get that British Lions kick in your system. These signature items are fast- selling so you might want to grab one now from all Thomas Pink retail stores and their website before the season is through. While at it, make sure to get a hold of those trendy velvet smoking jacket and vintage print merino scarves. They are the most popular items on the Thomas Pink Lions Collection. A British Lions fan should never be caught without at least one item from this iconic collection.

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