07, May 2015: Renowned hotel barge operator European Waterways has invested over $600,000 in order to upgrade its luxury hotel barges and introduce new cruise routes for the 2015 season. This development comes at an exciting time as popularity for European barging holidays continues to rise.

Hotel Barge Improvements

The successful cruise company has expressed its excitement about working with fantastic British designer Marion Falchi to improve several of the hotel barge interiors, including the décor, flooring and upholstery. La Belle Epoque and the Renaissance are just two of the barges that are being focused on, and the Renaissance has already been fitted with new cabins, bathrooms and bedding. The company say the improvements will create an even more luxurious experience for guests than before.

European Waterways are also looking to improve passenger comfort by fitting silent night generators for an after-hours power source when a plug-in is no longer available. The Wi-Fi Internet system has also benefitted from the improvements, and has been enhanced with a stronger signal to improve passenger experiences. International English-language newspapers will now also be provided as an added convenience for guests.

Additional Developments

The L’Impressioniste and La Belle Epoque barges have received itinerary updates and will now include at least one cooking demonstration alongside various other activities. The 12-passenger Savoir Faire barge will now sail along an updated route into the Upper Loire region during the popular summer months, and the Panache vessel will return to the Niderviller to Strasbourg route in Alsace from mid-July onwards.

A spokesperson from European Waterways said, “We’ve been planning these developments for a long time and we’re extremely excited to be working with Marion Falchi on our luxury interiors. The increased level of interest in the barging holiday industry has given us even more confidence that the money invested in these developments is going to prove invaluable.”

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