Sicklerville, NJ (July 18, 2015) -  Christian fiction has a tendency to be safe and predictable; However,  first time author, Timm Knight, captures the essence of what many long for in this type of fiction in his new eBook, God’s Will But My Choice.

God’s Will But My Choice is an emotional urban drama about a 14 year-old boy -Tim Stewart- on the cusp of adulthood trying to find his true self. His mother left and took his sister never to be heard from again, his stepmother resents his presence so he had to grow up fast. He had a plan for the summer-detailing cars with his friends and hanging out with the new girl in town. But one day that all comes crashing down. Tired of dealing with all of the nonsense, he runs away thinking things have to get better. Little does he know things are about to get a whole lot worse. God's Will But My Choice is a coming of age story by Timm Knight. You follow Tim on the day that changes his life.

The eBook is a gritty yet touching coming of age story about how the urban streets are changing the lives of young black boys soon to be young black men. Knight is very excited about the release of his first book and proudly describes it as "Uncut Raw Christian Fiction.

When asked what inspired him to broach such a subject, the author said: "I believe the book was divinely inspired after my pastor asked me if I ever thought about writing a book. After saying yeah, and dropping the idea,  a few days later I asked myself what would I write about and this poured out."

He further added, "The book offers a truthful look into how God protects and steers us, but in the end it's up to us to make the right choice."

God's Will But My Choice is a well-written book that is both relatable and entertaining, and will be enjoyed by even the pickiest reader. The eBook peaked at number 1 on African American Christian Fiction List for 3 days selling 989 units to date! For further information, visit the author's page

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