19, March 2016: Moben Global Inc. innovates a kind of strongly powerful model—FOSJOAS two-wheeled intelligent scooter U3. Amongst these models of FOSJOAS, U3 is positioned as the personal ATV. Indeed, the fact shows that it lives up to the exception. Bret’s friend gave him one set of FOSJOAS U3 on his birthday. At the moment Bret opened the box of gift, he went thrilled at the sight of FOSJOAS U3. It was his long-expected gift. He could not wait to have a ride at that time. After his ride, he was impressed by the high performance and high quality.


Since FOSJOAS electric scooter U3 is touted as the personal ATV, Bret wants to test it, seeing whether it can stand up to every terrain. He first rides FOSJOAS U3 on the direct and even road. The ride on the direct and even road aims to test its acceleration speed. By leaning the body forward, FOSJOAS U3 will go forth. Bret leans slightly and FOSJOAS U3 starts to dash forward. The top speed of U3 reaches as much as 18 km/h. Once the speed reaches 16 km/h, the alarm system will remind the rider to slow down. Bret speeds up the electric scooter from o km/h to 16 km/h and it merely takes 10 seconds. This goes to prove the potent thrust and brilliant accelerated velocity.


More importantly, FOSJOAS U3 is good at passing tough terrains and steps. Bret rides U3 to go down the steps with ease. The ease of pass steps should be owed to his jumbo tyres. Moben Global Inc. adopts the Sheng Chin tyres which is famous for its high-quality tyres. Equipped with such high-quality tyres, any tough terrain will be no challenge to U3. On the craggy path, Bret steers U3 and bumps over successfully. Bret acclaims FOSJOAS U3 as off-road conquer because of its passing any terrains with ease.

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