Toronto; 27, February 2016: Creating online exams is no longer in trial mode. Many educational institutions and corporations focus now on online learning and exams, so exam maker platforms are the next step towards academic education and employee evaluations.

A study put together by the Babson Survey Research Group in 2013 concluded that over 6.7 million postsecondary students were enrolled in at least one online class in 2011. Considering that in 2002 this number was of only 1.6 million, there is clear proof that online exam maker platforms are the future. Moreover, in 2012 nearly 87% of these schools provided some form of online learning. Distance education is clearly on the rise!

This is the ideal setting for ExamZone to announce its launching and invite people to discover the features that make this platform efficient and fast to use. ExamZone provides users the possibility to create online exams, tests and quizzes in various fields without having to install any software in their PCs and gadgets. The entire exam making process takes place online.

The ExamZone interface is easy to follow and understand, and allows users to type in their questions and answers, and also to choose from various types of answers for each question: true/false, single choice, multiple choice, word bank, match, order, short answer, hotspot.

Users also have the possibility to set a time limit and a passing score for their test-takers, and to establish the availability of the created test or exam: public or open to a certain group. The exam, test or quiz can be shared via link or embedded in a website. As a bonus feature, users can customize their test color to match their website or preferences.

ExamZone is designed to be an affordable exam making platform and has made its service available for different prices, according to the number of responses needed by users. It also includes a free package featuring 50 responses, ideal for visitors who want to test the ExamZone features and discover its efficiency.

ExamZone is an efficient and easy to use tool designed to serve educators and professors, corporations and human resources departments, as well as users who simply want to create quizzes and tests for their own use. ExamZone brings the fun into exams!

About ExamZone:

ExamZone is a Tanida Software product. Tanida Software is an information technology company specialized in developing e-learning software for professional and private use. The company collaborates with various customers from different domains such as corporate, government and academic organizations. Tanida Software offers another two similar products — DemoBuilder and QuizBuilder, designed to facilitate the process of creating e-learning tutorials, demos, quizzes and tests.

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