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Monday Morning hot alerts include analysis of the following securities:
- Evolution Solar Corp(EVSO)
- Todays Alternative Energy Corp(BSOM)
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- Evolution Solar Corp(EVSO)- Evolution Solar announced on Thursday that the Dichtel group in the Department of Chemistry and Chemical Biology at Cornell University has developed a method to organize organic dyes into stacked sheets that are porous for incorporation into flexible solar cells. The process could revolutionize the way solar cells are made by lowering costs dramatically, while creating highly-efficient and easy-to-manufacture solar cells.
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- Todays Alternative Energy Corp(BSOM)- Todays Alternative Energy Corporation announced on Thursday that the plans to brand the Company's new line of industrial strength, environmentally friendly biodegradable cleaning products with the GEM name, a TAEC-owned brand. The GEM brand name and the accompanying tagline, "Guaranteed Enzyme Miracle," call attention to the natural enzymes and other eco-friendly industrial strength ingredients in GEM cleansers that safely and quickly remove oil, grease and other stubborn stains. GEM products contain no ammonia, phosphates, dyes, artificial scents or toxins, and are biodegradable.
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