(Free Press Release) History of Thailand has many centuries. Thailand (historical name is Siam) is a small kingdom with an area an area of little more than five hundred thousand square kilometers, which is located in the heart of Southeast Asia in Indochina. The state system is a constitutional monarchy since 1932. The head of the state is ing Pumpion Adyulyadet (Rama IX), the ninth monarch of the Chakri dynasty, which has been ruling for over 200 years. Total population in the Thailand is 55 million people.
The capital of Thailand is Bangkok (7 million inhabitants). Official language is Thai, but English is also widely spoken in major cities. Holidays in Thailand, its resorts and nature are the dream of every tourist. Real jungle, clean rivers, high mountains, white beaches ... During your travel to Thailand do not forget to take pictures. The level of the economics is high, but the price level is low. Hotels in Thailand are always full of tourists. Climat is tropical. A year conventionally is divided into three seasons: cool (November-February), hot (March-May) and rainy (June-October). Regarding the latter, it rains only 1-3 hours a day, mostly in the evening and night and in the morning and afternoon the sun shines as brightly as in the hot season. Population consists mostly of Thai, Khmer, Lao, Mon, Chinese, Malays, Indians and Persians.
Religion in Thailand
About 95% of the population profess Buddhism, the southern branch of the Theravada, 5% - Islam. In addition, there are Christianity and Hinduism. Thailand is the land of a thousand of temples.