If you have not yet heard of it, there is a new thing in the world of personal injury claims: the no win no fee idea. But what is this actually, what are the benefits of such a claim? Will all injury lawyers accept to represent you with such a claim?


When the United Kingdom’s treasury was being swamped by the numerous costs of Legal Aid, the Government decided to introduce a new method by which injury lawyers could be paid for accidents claims, and thus reducing the burden on them. And thus in 1998 the idea of no win no fee was born and introduced.


Basically, you have ground for such a claim if you have been injured with no fault of your own. Under this conditional fee arrangement, an accident solicitor that represents you in a court of law for your personal injury claim is only entitled to be paid his fees if he actually wins yours case. You do not need any money up front in order to procure these legal services. The thing you really have to understand is that the injury lawyers have the possibility of refusing your case.  But this should actually make you feel safer. This way you know that if the solicitor accepts your case, he really thinks he can win it and he will try his best to do so because it is in his best interest too.


Under the law, if you win your personal injury compensation claim, your solicitor is entitled to claim his fees from your opponent. Although you should be aware that sometimes a no win no fee solicitor may try to convince you to pay his fees on the grounds that you will be reimbursed by your opponent once you win the case. However, you should be careful when accepting such a deal because you may be fooled. You see, the court only reimburses you for the reasonable fee costs of your solicitor, and there is a chance that you may not get the 100% compensation you should receive.


Also you should keep in mind that if you do not win the case, although you may not be responsible for your own solicitor’s fees, you may be asked to pay for the opponent’s injury lawyers and, possibly, the court’s fees. So you should make sure to ask your lawyer who will pay what if you do not win the claim. Usually, a good solicitor should tell you that they have taken insurance so that he can cover this scenario. If he does not have insurance you should urge him to apply for one because solicitors and court fees tend to be pretty expensive.


So, what are the benefits of appointing such a claim? Besides the obvious fact that you will not have to pay your solicitor, the biggest benefit is that the money you will receive, the compensation for your personal injury is 100% yours. This means that you will not have to pay your solicitors fees from the compensation money.



If you have been injured with no fault of your own, then maybe you should contact some injury lawyers to see if you can apply for a no win no fee claim.