The United Kingdom, December 25, 2013: Photography is an art and there is no doubt about it. Handy availability of cameras on mobile phones has made everyone a photographer. But, there is difference between casual photography and proper professional photography like the one carried out at Milton Keynes photography studio, Uniquecapture. Commercial photography is all about creativity and induction of uniqueness into the work. Indeed, Uniquecapture studio exhibits all that. There are 3 studios in close proximity at Milton Keynes, which are easily reachable from Birmingham, Cambridge, London and Oxford. Every Milton Keynes Photographer, creative agency and other commercial client are offered best studio facility.

The main features of studio-I are infinity cove, graffiti wall, flexible lounge set, wet room with overhead showers, contemporary set and luxury 4-poster bedroom set. All the versatile sets are offered with top-standard Bowens lighting. The rental system is on an hourly basis. In short, similar facilities are hard to be found for Milton Keynes studio hire anywhere in the UK with such flexibility. Studio-II of Uniquecapture has been exclusively developed for commercial photography clients. It is appropriate for Milton Keynes photographer who wants to show external doors and windows, full staircase, etc. It has independent changing room, flexible diner/lounge set, contemporary kitchen set and movable Central Island for working hob and ovens. Its features make it highly suitable for food-related photography and videography. Studio-III is exclusively used by Uniquecapture photographer to create product 360 and pack shots for client brands.

Extensive services of Uniquecapture are available for every Milton Keynes professional photographer. The studio offers customisation to exact the specifications of photographers. The team of studio technicians employed at Uniquecapture is qualified to handle the modern technology and instrument, with which the studio is well equipped. Various training and development programmes are also offered by the studio. They include photography training, studio lighting workshop and Photoshop tuition. Apart from these services, individual photographers as well as production companies can hire photographers, models and makeup stylists of Uniquecapture. In other words, it is not just a well designed structure that is available on rental for Milton Keynes photography but a full time service company in the UK.

Uniquecapture is popular amongst high street brands, prestigious agencies for wedding photography too. In fact, there are 2 studios that have been especially designed for Milton Keynes wedding photographer who has been signed to make someone’s big day last forever in memory. Wedding photography is offered on an hourly basis too but the minimum period is 4 hours.

About Uniquecapture:


Uniquecapture is a Milton Keynes professional photography studio in the UK. It specialises in all types of commercial photography and pack shots. Its team members have as much as 30 years of experience in commercial photography. Photographers and the studio are available on hire for any special event.